Someting practical

14 Mar

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Let’s get down to it:

I’m speaking about online ed at DISAL in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 20/3, so pop in if you’re in the neighborhood. It’s all free (including transportation, nibbles and coffee) and we’ve already got more than 100 people going, so I’d sign up here now, before seats run out.

If you’re anywhere else in the world or just won’t be able to make it, here’s something practical for you:

Whatsapp missions!

This image below is a whatsapp mission. I send images like these (and audio) to my students during the week via whatsapp, so they have exposure to the English language even when they’re not having a skype class with me. I won’t go into detail about how you can expand on this idea. Instead, just click here to see several examples, and as always, feel free to get in touch with me if you’d like to chat further 🙂


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