31 Jul

So, Tripppin is putting out a business plan.

And it looks like this:


Tripppin is an online, realtime, English course that follows 2 brothers travelling around the world, teaching English.

Tripppin started in March 2011 and will continue until the World Cup in Brazil, in July 2014

Check Tripppin out.

 Tripppin Wishlist for July 2012

  • gps positioning on mastermap
  • All lessons geo-bombed
  • “Add coordinates and get lessons” function
  • community status
  • Steady $20,000 + per month, after taxes  🙂

Taxes: Paying good money to a good crew to help me run this.

Good crew: 

1 Programmer (soul of a designer)

1 Salesman (soul of an educator)

1 editor/cameraman (as big a soul as possible)


Get in touch


One Response to “www.tripppin.com”

  1. jockboyd August 1, 2011 at 8:26 am #

    Looks good.
    Need some more details but great as a hook.

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