23 Aug

I was a DJ at Eastside Radio, in Sydney, for years. I did a show called Vibez Brazil, along with Rapha, a true life-long bro of mine.

Our show only played Brazilian music, which means we played every style imaginable. Every Tuesday, I got to put out my moods through music and information. It provided this profound sense of fulfilment and inspiration. It was like getting your soul massaged. Yeah… it was really good.

That was when I lived there.

But now, I’m in Brazil.

I arrived 2 days ago.

I woke up around 7…stretched… and sat… until around 8.

Then I switched on the computer, and managed to catch Vibez Brazil online.

That’s when it hit me.

Doing a show is amazing, but you lose the privilege of being a listener. It’s the privilege of not knowing what’s coming. It’s the privilege of being pleasantly surprised with music and info while you’re having breakfast.

And it’s a privilege I thoroughly enjoy.

It set the mood for my day. It inspired me to make it fulfilling. It was like getting my soul massaged. Yeah… still really good.

Good on ya Rapha 🙂


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