Ground Zero

2 Sep

Well, it’s on.

I’ve got 4 months to edit the content that’ll make Tripppin into a functional, online English course.

Of course, the rough, rough draft of the site has been available here for months, but it’s just a shadow of what we’re working on now.

Yes, I’m being mysterious on purpose… is it working? Are you really, really curious yet? No?

Ok, then play this:


 Still nothing?

Oh, well… all I’m saying now is that it’s an online course that follows a realtime storyline, which students can help to shape and create. It’ll be presented in a comic book style, so you have to imagine the animation, but this is the intro:


Tripp and Pin loved teaching at the Bobby Brown English School in Sydney.

Bobby Brown was the best school in Sydney because all the students had FUN.

But one day, bad people, from an organization called REEK, took FUN away from the Bobby Brown English School.

Without FUN, students were not as happy, and learned less.

Without FUN, the Bobby Brown English School started to wither and die.

Tripp and Pin didn’t want Bobby Brown to die, so they fought hard, and managed to take FUN back from REEK.

But, by then it was too late for the Bobby Brown English School.

Without FUN, it had become more and more boring… until it became a part of REEK… and died.

Without Bobby Brown, Tripp and Pin had nowhere to go, but they had the most important thing: FUN

So, they decided to use it, to teach English, ALL AROUND THE WORLD 🙂


I’ve got:

– main characters

– the evil they fight

– the creed they live by

– the quest

Am I missing anything? Feel free to tell me because now is the time to write it in 🙂


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