If you could reschedule your life…

15 Sep

… what would it be like?

What time would you wake up on weekdays?
Would you have weekdays at all?
Would you have weekends?

If you could choose, what time would the kids go to school? How long would they stay there everyday? Would they go everyday? Would they go at all?

There’s a whole professional and educational world online. And you can shape it into whatever suits you best.

If you’re not there yet, and would like to be, it’s a simple matter of transitioning. Simple, but not easy. It takes time, and work, but the good news is you don’t have to start with any radical changes.

Just think about it, and see if the idea grows on you.

If you could reschedule your life, what would it be like?


One Response to “If you could reschedule your life…”


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