Meditation Makes the Difference

1 Oct

I was told that true meditation is a state of mind that only a handful of people on this planet actually manage to reach.

The rest of us just close our eyes, sit cross-legged and wait for it.

But, wait for what? Enlightenment? Peace of mind? Supreme serenity?

I’m not quite sure, but I find that sitting still for 20-30 mins every morning helps me deal with the rush of thoughts that are always flying around in my head. The funny thing is: the thoughts that fly around in my head, screaming for attention, aren’t necessarily problems that need solutions, or situations that need to be resolved. They can be anything from a jingle that gets stuck in your head to feelings that are hard to be explained.

But, that’s just the point. Meditation isn’t about solving and explaining stuff. It’s about observation. No matter what pops into my head, meditation allows me to observe it, and how desperate it is to get my attention.

It seems like after 20-30 mins of being observed, these ideas, fears, insecurities, songs, etc… just settle down and leave my brain alone. I’m then free to deal with them, if I feel I should.

This morning, during meditation, images of Sydney kept popping into my head, so I concluded that I miss living in Sydney. Anything I can do to solve that? No, but being aware of it allows me to stop that feeling from clouding my current reality.

Yes, I miss Sydney, and I always will. But, now I live in Sao Paulo, and there are immense benefits to living here.

I can focus on what I miss, or focus on what I have.

Meditation helps me do the latter, and that makes all the difference. 🙂



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