It only sounds complicated because it is.

28 Oct

Forgive me if lately all I do is speak about Tripppin.

It’s an integral part of my life now, and if you are involved with ESL (teacher or student) it’s bound to become part of yours.

I’ve hired a programmer and a designer, and we’ve been hammering it out for the past week. They’re sharp people, who like what they do, but what I want doesn’t exist. We gotta build it.

And I gotta explain it.

I’ve been, fruitlessly, trying to explain Tripppin since 2004. Eventually, I gave up talking and started building models and prototypes. Then, educators started paying attention, but no investors seemed to understand it.

I could’ve written a business plan, but I did better. I came up with a version that I could afford to build.

So now, I’m explaining, and prototyping, and augmenting.

Once it’s done, everybody will be all like: “oooohhh, THAT’S what you meant! I get it! Yes, of course! blah blah, blah…”

But, til then there is SO MUCH room for misinterpretation. These are the times when being a perfectionist really pays off. 😉


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