Freakin’ Awesome

2 Nov

Yeah, doin’ heaps of stuff, but if I’m gonna wait for life to slow down before I do charity, I’ll end up doin’ it never.

So, today I taught my first English lesson to the underprivileged 6-10 year-olds at Centro Cultural Casa de Barro.

If you can’t read Portuguese (or just don’t like to click on links), it’s an NGO that helps kids in need… of culture.

They’re kids that have got a home, and a family, but no access to music lessons, art lessons, or English lessons. There were 25 of them, and they were KEEN!

So, of course, I let them go mad. I had them running around, doing jazz chants (repeating language in a musical fashion), drawing pictures, screaming out answers, and getting points for it. One little blond dude got over-excited and started kicking a mate for stepping on his drawing, so I gave him a 10-minute timeout, and he came back all good and proper 🙂

After 1.5 hours, they left with pictures under their arms, chanting bits and pieces of language to each other, and thanking me for everything.

Can’t wait for next Tuesday.

Freakin’ awesome is what it is.


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