Dive IN!

20 Mar

I am deep in Productionland here at Tripppin Labs… which just means I’m producing heaps of content for Tripppin.

Long ago I stopped trying to explain what Tripppin will be or look like, and I’m not about to start again, now that beta-launch is imminent.





Ok, ok, stop twisting my arm. All I’ll say is that besides the incredibly engaging format, and content, that will be delivered, there’s also a Lounge area with a big screen playing ESL-oriented shows.

One of the shows is called Dive IN! It was created out of the necessity of explaining and discussing the concepts presented in the series of Tripppin Pasties, a collection I made when everyone was on vacation, and I was bored stiff, back in December. 😉

You should watch a sneak preview of the intro here


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