23 Apr

Tripppin is about to launch and it’s got heaps of goodies built in.

The programmer is now sewing the design onto the framework he built, and is gonna start implementing navigation.

(translation: you should be able to see it in 6-8 weeks)

I haven’t written much on this blog, because I’ve been keeping a video log of the whole construction process. I thought about publishing it here, but nobody reads this, so it would be inconsequential. Plus, after I’m super successful, books have been written about me, tales have been told (and I’m freshly-deceased), I’ll have arranged for different media outlets to start receiving different vids that make up this log, which documents the most intense phase of my life so far. No bullshit.

Anyway, raving egomania aside, I’ve been creating like a madman. I’ve got 220 lessons spread over 14 countries.

And I’m just getting started. I got the whole world to work, and if that wasn’t enough, I am now making up countries.

Yes, Tripppin gives you a glimpse of PINPOINT, the Business Island 🙂


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