11 May

When I was stuck in Thailand for 3 months, with no money, I spent my days meditating with the monks, and eating A LOT of rice.

In Italy, I observed that shouting gets you everything, but in India it gets you nothing.

If you go to Australia, practice sports. The most popular ones are drinking, barbecues, and surfing, but avoid cricket. It’s not a sport. It’s evil, and threatens to bore us all to death.

Never take weed to Indonesia, and believe me: there’s so much more to do in Amsterdam.

For better service in Istanbul, try speaking French (instead of English), and go with Spanish in Miami.

Berlin is a perfectly flat, bike-riding paradise, but climbing to Everest Basecamp will teach you to ignore your anxieties (and showers for 5 days).

Sao Paulo is one of the biggest cities in the world, and Paulistanos (natives of Sao Paulo) are some of the most well-informed, business-agile, results-driven people on the planet. You don’t come here on a whim and chill out. You knuckle down and you get shit done. If you’re not working towards something; if you don’t have a plan, you shouldn’t really be here.

I knew all this when I moved here, and I had a plan, but now…?

Now, I’m on a mission. 🙂

Adaptation is the key to survival.


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