Skype Lessons

14 Jun

Working for English schools in Sao Paulo is the best way to keep yourself frustrated and poor.

They’re quite ineffective at teaching English (most people study for years and spend thousands of dollars so they can freeze like a deer in the headlights when they answer a call in English), and you can probably earn more if you dress in rags and beg for money, than as an English teacher in any franchise you can think of.

Therefore, there has always been a HUGE informal market of private English classes. While this slice of the market demands more proactivity from teachers, the rewards are much better. Nevertheless, Sao Paulo is one of the biggest cities on the planet, so the commute to get to these students is usually what’ll kill ya.

Solution? Skype lessons!

If you use skype, this makes sense. It’s free, and it works perfectly. The lessons are just like regular private lessons, but better because you can type your students’ mistakes while they’re speaking or record the lesson so they can go over it afterwards. You can teach from anywhere you have a connection. Hell, I even teach from my phone!

However, if you don’t use skype, this whole idea seems a bit absurd.

Lots of people I talk to about this say they don’t like it, before they admit they don’t know it.

But when they try it, they love it.

Just like music, books, films, travel, and everything else being transformed by the digital revolution, once you see it can be cheaper, and better, why not do it?




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