10 Jul

Earthish is the language that millions of people are studying in order to get by in the world today. Currently, we call it English, but that’s going to change.

For many reasons, English happened to be one of the most commonly learned languages in the world when we all hit this information boom, known as the internet, so this is where we’ve been for decades and where we’re headed: EVERYONE needs to learn English.

But, the interesting part is that since English is lending itself to become a global language, that gives all English speakers (native or not) the right to adapt it.

If there are ideas/feelings/concepts that don’t seem to translate from your native language into English, that’s because they just don’t.

The Japanese express confusion by saying you “have many minds”.

Apparently, Eskimos have seventeen different words for snow.

They say that the word “saudade” in Portuguese cannot be translated into one word (it means you miss something or someone).

To address this, good English teachers explain the culture behind “proper English” and encourage students to understand ,and accept, that culture in order to”think in English”.

But, in a world where native English speakers are a minority compared to the non-natives, English will slowly drift away from the structure, which embodies the culture of the people who created it, and become the basis for a language that is more representative of a global world view.

And, I think we should call it Earthish.


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