Guerrilla English!

25 Jan

This is how it works:

You’ll be living your life, doing what you normally do.

Then, suddenly, your phone rings/buzzes. It’s an unidentified caller.

You answer.

It’s me… but, I don’t say it’s me.

I say: I’m Mr. So-and-So from (insert situation of your choice here) .  I then present you with a random situation that you need to react to. I take notes on how well you’ve reacted and email you a video report at the end of 30 days.

I call you 30 times, within the period of 30 days, but you’ll never know when.

It’s my new product, and I call it Guerrilla English.  5 minute English classes that catch you by surprise.

Interested? Contact me here  and we’ll  give you our full menu of options (preferred times and dates) and  5  NOT NOW cards (used to redeem calls you REALLY can’t take)




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