TRIPPPIN – “A different way to practice your English”

16 Sep

by Katie Burgess

Why should anyone learn English? Even though, theoretically, Mandarin is spoken by most people, English is the lingua franca of the 21st century: the language of media, the common language that builds bridges among people who are not sharing their first language.

With an overwhelmingly large selection of online learning websites, today’s learners are now faced with endless possibilities to choose a site tailored to their needs.

The majority of today’s English learners are preparing for tests, so that they can get their degrees and eventually a better job. What they don’t realize is that while most learning sites are preparing them for those exams, once they are out there, trying to speak English, they might face the harsh reality of not being able to express themselves as eloquently as they’d wish because the English they were exposed to was not preparing them for reality, rather for passing examinations.

And that’s where Tripppin comes in.

I met Mau on LinkedIn when he asked for my professional advice on his site. As a language teacher I was happy to oblige, it’s always great to meet other professionals and share ideas.

I must admit I fell in love with the characters immediately… take Tripp, for instance: a fun-loving, adorable guy who travels around the world, with that happy grin on his face, just makes you smile! And his ‘brother’ Pin, back in his purple lab, looking all serious and speaking all properly. These two characters make a perfect pair, representing real English.

There is an ongoing story throughout Tripppin, starting from Sydney, Australia all the way to Brazil. There are tasks and missions to accomplish, with plenty of exercises and clear explanations by Pin. You can find grammar videos and music videos on the site: the sky –and your imagination – is the limit on how much you can do and redo just with the music videos alone.

The site is colourful, literally, with amazing shots from all around the world –little NatGeo, anyone? – Also, it has communication features where you can interact with other learners, share missions and ideas, chat if you will.

So why is Tripppin really different from other language learning sites? Because it’s fun. And it has been scientifically proven that learners will benefit more, will remember more if they are exposed to fun learning- also, common sense: boring, repetitive vs. fun, interactive…Hm… Tough choice, isn’t it?


Katie Burgess – ESL enthusiast on 3 continents, over 15 years, thousands of lives touched, with countless memories. An experienced ESL teacher with a multicultural background, raised in Europe, educated in both Europe and the United States of America. Having taught in the US, Europe and in China gave me a unique experience teaching students in a multicultural and diverse environment. It also enabled me to develop cultural sensitivity, a keen appreciation and enthusiasm for educational diversity. As for teaching, I mainly focus on enriching vocabulary, facilitating pronunciation and helping students overcome shyness by implementing games and fun activities into their curriculum.“Don’t teach the material: teach the student!”



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