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Eat, Pray, Love

28 May

I’ve been told too many times that I’m doing the Eat, Pray, Love thing… but, backwards. Apparently, the woman in the movie starts out in Europe, goes to India, then Bali.

I’ve never really been interested because it sounds like a chick flick. (no offence. Rambo is a dick flick; Sex and the City is a chick flick)

However, as the movie is conveniently sitting here among the many crappy, bootlegged DVDs supplied to me as entertainment, I’ll watch it while I write this post.

3:43 Nice to see some footage of Bali. All that’s missing are about a million scooters and some garbage on the street. Yes, yes I know…it’s a Hollywood production. I’ll try to be more forgiving. Nevertheless, the old medecine man asking for English lessons, while using prepositions perfectly, is priceless. But, moving on…

9:11 – “Am I ready? Am I happy?  I chose this…why don’t I see myself in this? I should pray…How do I pray? What should I do?” Chick flick! Chick Flick! Chick Flick! 😉 But, moving on…

18:45 Oops… I got distracted… looks like she’s become a hare krishna or something…Good on ya! Way to rebound! This must be the “pray” part.

29:08 – Just for the record: when you seek relationship advice, it’s clear you’re having problems. ANYONE using vague enough words can sound like a fortune cookie. Then, you start seeing “signs” everywhere. It’s what’s known as a self-fulfilling prophecy. But, at least she’s gonna leave all these losers she keeps hooking up with, and hit the road. You go girl!

48:26 – Wisest line in this movie: “men don’t care if you’ve got a muffin top”. Believe it ladies 🙂

74:06 – Cool, I’m actually paying attention now. I get the gist of it. She learns to hang loose in Italy, and eats heaps,  prays, heals and expands in India, and probably falls in love in Bali, yeah? Her life comes full circle and she is reborn. Beautiful. No, seriously. It is.

But, after watching the movie, the only similarities I found are these: I’ve chosen Bali for the surf, India for the yoga, and Europe for the nostalgia, because those are the ways I PRAY. I only really do things I LOVE, and I EAT just about anything.

So, sounds like a good dick flick (just add some car chases and machine guns) but if they make it, can we get a REAL Brazilian to play me? Javier Bardem… sorry mate… you just didn’t pull it off. :-/