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10 things I’ve learned in 10 days in Bali

24 May

1. EVERYTHING is negotiable. From clothes to cops. Offer always 80% less of what they’re asking. If they look offended, you’re on the right track.

2. Get a scooter… and health insurance. The traffic is insane, and right of way goes to whoever’s driving the biggest vehicle.

3. Avoid riding your scooter with a singlet written “Bintang” (local beer) on it. It translates into “please pull me over” to the cops.

4. Get an International Drivers License BEFORE you get here. Either that, or always carry a 50000 note ($5) with you, just in case you get stopped.

5. Petrol is sold in bottles of Absolut vodka, from tiny, roadside establishments. They’ll funnel a liter of petrol into your tank while smoking a cigarette, and don’t understand why that should be a problem.

6. A cheap breakfast, lunch or dinner does not cost only $5. It costs 30 cents, can be found in most “petrol stations”, and looks like this:

7. It is ALWAYS 29 degrees, at any time, day or night.

8. Everyone is extremely friendly, but the nice strangers who offer you endorphines, viagra, marijuana, coke, speed, etc… are not your friends (anywhere in the world), but in Bali, getting caught with drugs carries a death penalty. No fun. 😦

9. Mushrooms are not considered a drug in Bali 🙂

10. If you don’t know how to surf, learn. Bali has amazing breaks everywhere, for all levels. Again, always a good idea to have health insurance. RESPECT the ocean. Reefs cut like knives, infect horribly if not treated, and scar forever.

11. Bali RULES! 🙂