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TEDx Melbourne 2010 – rock on.

19 Apr

First things first.

If you’ve never heard of TED, TED Talks, TEDx, etc… well, you’ve gotta go here: www.ted.com, before you read on.. or actually, read anything else for that matter.
In a nutshell, TED embodies the idea of connecting people that get things done, for the greater good.
I had the privilege of speaking at TEDx Melbourne last weekend, and… quite frankly, it rocked.
I don’t get a lot of chances to discuss what I work on, so the opportunity to delve into it with professionals from the education and gaming industry was a gift.
TED gives you 18 minutes to present a concept that will change the world, hopefully for the better.
I took my 18 minutes to advocate the need for more varied educational tools, and systems. Basically, the stuff I blab about here on this blog.
I focused on how online learning can be richer than what it is now, and how it needs to have at it’s heart; teachers’ and students’ best interests.
It was so emotional, I almost cried 😉 Y’all should’ve been there…
Anyway, the speech was fine, the vibe was great, the cookies were awesome, but loads of people started asking about what I do, the projects I’m involved in, and “don’t you have a card?”
So, I made this one: http://prezi.com/mxoamcvdca3v/
You should too.