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How well-educated are you?

14 May

In Portuguese, “education” translates into both “education” and “manners”.

Manners can be seen as “the manner in which one approaches society”, and probably comes from  “man”, as in to man a cannon or ship. Basically, it means to have it under your command, control it, master your domain, “take what ya want an’ make it yo’ biaaatch.”… or not. (whatever…YOU google it.)

The point is that Portuguese-speakers talk about education in a wider context. By saying someone has a “lack of education” you define them as rude, insolent, and even mildly aggressive. Children who throw tantrums, don’t say please and thank you, or refuse to give their relatives a hello and goodbye kiss on the cheek, are instantly admonished by their mothers for being “poorly educated”.

Portuguese speakers, it may surprise you to know, come in all colours, shapes and sizes, and can be found all over the world. However, they are most commonly found in Angola, Mocambique, Portugal, Macau, Goa… and lately, Rishkesh (but that’s another story). Oh, yes, and of course, Brazil.

Brazilians make up a huge part of the Portuguese-speaking community, and can be found in most any country, state, city, town, suburb, beach, nook or cranny on this eroding, blue planet. Yep, there’s heaps of us.

But, the Brazilians that I’m currently following live in Sydney, Australia, and are responsible for educating people through music and social awareness.

Vibez Brazil is a show that airs on Eastside Radio 89.7 fm, every Tuesday from 9:30 -11 pm (Sydney time. Not living in Sydney?) It’s a show that presents quality, Brazilian music, and gives you the stories behind the songs and lyrics. They almost never swear on air either. Truly “well-educated” boys.

Now, they’ve decided to take it a step further, and want to educate people about upcoming artists, and charities. They’re organizing monthly gigs in which they play for free, and invite Brazilian artists to perform. All proceeds go to charity, and a different charity is chosen every month.

I could hog more of your time on my blog by writing down all the details of their next gig on the 2oth, but I’ll just direct you to their virtual flyer. That, I think, would be “better educated” of me.