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Booorrriinnnggg :(

18 Nov

I’ll try to be objective.

I’m not the corporate type, and hardly academic, in the traditional sense of the word, but I am a natural at teaching.

So, although I may offend some people, at this point I really don’t care.

I won’t go too deep into WHAT teaching is. If you’re a good teacher, you know it, and you don’t need to hide behind the jargon, or sit atop a lofty tower, quoting theory and research.

If you’re a good teacher, you know several ways of presenting information, so you can always fit the presentation to the audience, no matter how diverse.

If you’re a good teacher, you are some sort of presenter.

Presenting is an artform. Anything can be a presentation; from a riveting talk to a bug landing on a leaf. It’s about finding a way to present the information, so that everyone will understand.

Funny then, that education conferences, which are all about presenters doing presentations on presenting, should be so terribly dull.

I’ve been dragged to some conferences, even coaxed into speaking at a few, and I must say: I’m not a fan.

See, I believe you don’t attend conferences just for the time away from work, and the biscuits.

You don’t speak at conferences just because it’ll look good on your C.V.

Honestly, why organize a conference at all, if you’re going to subject attendees to days of recycled dribble, being delivered by people with no presentation skills whatsoever?

And, webinars… I’m sorry. Crappy internet connections plus half-baked, communication software just make the experience worse. We’re helping bad presentations go virtual, so we can be bored out of our minds from the comfort of our homes.

Granted, some people communicate at conferences, a handful connect, maybe somebody even learns a thing or two, but the majority just pretends to be involved.

So, if offline we’re already pretty bad at educating our educators, and all we’re doing online is trying to replicate it… what’s the hope of really educating students?

If it’s not working, re-think your presentation.