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Free to be Inspired

4 Mar

I’m finally free.

I’ve been writing blogs since 2000. They were just my way of keeping people up to speed with where I was in the world and what I was doing.

Somewhere along the line, I convinced myself that I had to dedicate my writing to my work, which is also a great passion of mine: online education.

The problem is that it’s only one of my many passions, and I frequently found myself holding back from writing about other things in order to keep the blog purely about online education.

However, education is in everything, and as a globe-trotting, life-long learner, it’s high-time I went back to writing about the things I see around the world that enlighten, elevate, and consequentially, educate me.

Some people say that will confuse readers, and I’ll get less hits, retweets, online exposure, etc…

I doubt it, but thankfully I’m free to say: I really don’t give a fuck 🙂

It was never about being popular. It was always about being real.

The song remains the same. It’s just the lyrics that will be more inspired.