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Skype This Traffic!

15 Jan

I came up with this concept a couple of months ago. 

I had this skype student who always paid me for a full month of English lessons, but never showed up.

He’d apologize profusely, but never seemed to wake up on time to have class with me on skype.

Now, as I’ve mentioned before, there are two types of students. The ones that want to learn and the ones that want to pretend. I usually let the latter pay, and not show up, until they’re forced to admit to me that it’s not working out: It’s not you, it’s me. The time isn’t right, work is hectic, no time for classes, you see?”

I see, and while I’m playing that relatively static role in the pretenders’ lives, I have time left over to focus on Tripppin (we’re almost ready, I swear :)) and my skype students who really want to learn.

But, this skype student was different. He never came, but never stopped paying.

Sounds like a dream, yeah? A student who pays you for nothing? I wanted to clone him!

But, I didn’t. I do have some morals after all, and decided to “politely stalk” him in order to find a slot of his life where we’d fit his online classes.

As it turned out, the only available time was on his way to work, in traffic. He plugs his earphones in, and instead of listening to music, has a chat, in English, with me. It’s even better for his listening skills, and I type down the vocab and structures that he learns, so he can go over it at his own convenience.

It works so well, I’m marketing it as a product. I call it: Skype This Traffic!

It’s $25 for 30 minutes, and it is ON!