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3 Jul

I’ve been teaching English for 18 years.
I didn’t really choose to.
It sorta chose me.
It’s just always seemed so natural to me, that I never quite considered it to be a job. You know? When things are just… effortless.
It allowed me to work excellent hours, and take long vacations. It got me through college, and on the road.
But all the time, I never really thought of it as a career, because, well… it was just too easy. It wasn’t enough. I had to challenge myself, my great intellect… my IMMENSE arrogance… but anyway, as I was saying… I took it as a gift and taught myself around the world, drifting from school to school, company to company, town to town, country to country…until I arrived in Sydney 8 years ago.

Sydney is amazing. If you haven’t been, you’re missing out. BIG missing out. So, I decided to stay longer, got a place in Neutral Bay with a view of the harbour, and took my resume to the closest school I could find in the area.

Turned out to be the Billy Blue English School.
I liked it from the beginning. I mean, it’s a great name… just rolls off the tongue…Billy Blue English Schooo…
It was owned by the excellent surfer/designer/entrepreneur/all-around Sydney icon, Ross Renwick, and was part of a very interesting outfit, which comprised a magazine, a design agency, a design school, a hotel management school, and, us: the Billy Blue English Schoooool.

It was a small school with less than 200 students, but at a constant flow. Several new students arrived every week, wide-eyed, jet-lagged, dazed and confused. We took them in, got to know them, helped them out, and prepared them for their next challenges in life. It was like working in an academic hospital. We fixed people’s broken English.

Billy Blue showed me what true education was about. It was fun, and I learned heaps. It made me see education as my career, and it has kept me on a production high for all these years.

I credit good production to good environment, and good environment to good management.

Time passes, things change, and people move on, but I’ll be forever grateful to everyone involved in making the Billy Blue English Schoooo everything it was.

Congratulations to us all.