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I was living a good life until it got better

6 Jul

Some people say you shouldn’t mix your personal and professional lives.

That may be good advice, but it’s not really an option for me.

See, I do what I do, because I love it, and it permeates my existence, bearing heavily on my life-altering decisions.

That’s why, doing what I do, landed me in Australia.

I lived a very good life in Brazil, and as any Brazilian will tell you: A good life in Brazil is one of the best to be had. Brazilians usually only live overseas if they’ve got an uncontrollable lust for adventure and excitement, or because they just couldn’t make ends meet, or both.

I lived a good life, but I wanted to REALLY work with Education and ESL (English as a Second Language) and of course, teaching English usually works better in a country that speaks it.

So, I left the good life, took off again and came back to Australia, in order to pursue a career choice, and a beach lifestyle, all wrapped into one.

And here, it got even better. I could bore you with my achievements, but they’re all ethereal and/or linked to this site anyway, so look ’em up before you leave 🙂

The fact is: now things are changing again.

I might have to leave this good life in the name of deeper, more meaningful ESL involvement, and a life that’s even better.

I hope I can handle it.