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A little more imagination please

19 Apr

Online education.

Yes, most academic institutions under the sun know they need it… but what do they really know about it?

“It’s the golden opportunity. The surest way to snatch a few extra thousand students with a minimal investment. All you have to do is organize those lessons, you already have on handouts and powerpoints, onto a moodle, blackboard, wiki or some other platform, and market it. Right?”

Hm…well… nah.

Online education cannot simply mirror face-to face education. You don’t have a teacher present to clarify doubts, therefore you can’t just upload the material and expect students to learn from it.

You need to find alternative ways of presenting the material, new ways of testing whether the information has been registered, and systems that will make the student WANT to engage with the material… not do it because he/she’s got no other choice.

Presenting your learning platform as a warehouse of PDFs is not only lazy; it’s disrespectful. It’s high time we made learning into an experience to remember; a topic worth shouting about.

Agree with the concept, but not quite sure how to start?

Have a look at these projects, and tell us what you think.

Let’s put some more imagination into teaching.