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Get it done.

23 May

As usual, it started out with an idea that nobody seemed to understand.

“I kinda get what you’re saying, but I just can’t see it”, was what I was told over and over again… which is fair enough, I guess. If everyone could see it, it wouldn’t be a new idea.

So, I managed to convince a design lecturer to make my idea into a graduation project for her 3rd year students. After 6 months of very hard work, they put together LiVE. It wasn’t really the learning platform I had envisioned, but it was a beautiful prototype, and a piece to be proud of.  So much so, that I was invited to present it at TEDx Melbourne 🙂

I thought that would be enough. I mean, a beautiful prototype with the endorsement of a TEDx presentation… what else did I need? Surely, everyone would be able to understand, and I’d get the funds to make LiVE into the product it’s meant to be.

But, that didn’t happen. Everyone loved it, commended it, and wanted to work with me… just as soon as I had the final product up and ready :-/

That’s when I realized that people needed more than just to “see” it. They needed a very detailed account of how much they would make if they invested in it. Although the benefits are obvious to anyone who glances at it, a business plan was needed.

Putting together a business plan isn’t difficult. It’s just incredibly boring… for me, anyway. Therefore, I decided to offer equity to anyone who’d put it together for me, just so I could continue to focus on the creative side of business. And so, while I spread the word about LiVE in all sorts of ways, expecting the perfect business partner to come aboard, I ended up creating a variety of other online education products.

But, the truth is: nothing motivates people more than hard cash. So now, almost 2 years after the LiVE prototype was finished, I’ve come to the conclusion that if you want something done right (or done at all), you’ve gotta do it yourself.

Enough waiting and dodging the unavoidable. As with everything else in life, if you know what you need to do, just get it done.