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Prezis and Moodles… do they go together?

23 Apr

“Pretzels and noodles?”

“No. Prezis and moodles.”


The conversation above is a result I’ll get, 9 out of 10 times, if I put prezis and moodles in the same sentence. Most people aren’t quite sure what prezis and moodles are, let alone whether they should, would or could go together.

So, in a nutshell:

Moodles are frameworks for online courses.

Prezis claim to be the evolution (or death) of powerpoint presentations.

Moodles are fairly simple to operate, so it’s what several universities and schools are using to create their online courses. Whether or not these institutions are putting any imagination into their moodles is another issue, but the fact remains: despite its shortcomings, moodles do enable you to structure a course, and jazz it up a little.

And prezi is one of the best “jazz it up” tools for at least 5 reasons:

1. it’s easy to work with: Prezis are instinctive. True, we all have different instincts, so the prezi community has put together a very supportive help section.

2. it has more functionality: it maintains the powerpoint, slide by slide approach, AND adds the zooming factor.

3. it’s updatable: I’m not even gonna get into the roundabout file storage system that moodles use, but it should suffice to say that updating files wasn’t really on the priority list….which is a pain because, well, things change. Leaving your moodle unattended will make it into a vessel of outdatedness (outdatedness IS a word, ok? google it!) Prezis, on the other hand, are hosted on the web so when you update, everybody gets updated.

4. it provides a marketing angle: make a good prezi, brand it, keep it public, get seen, get feedback, learn, improve, impress.

5. it looks cool: it just does.

So, that’s all good and well, but when using a moodle, which is essentially a closed platform for paying students only, all the openness of prezis tends to make people jittery.

Now, it is possible to keep a prezi private on a moodle, but the real question is not whether you CAN make it private, but rather:  SHOULD you make it private?

Choosing to restrict access seems more logical (pay to play), but it overlooks the immense potential for marketing described above: make a good prezi, brand it, and make it public.

“Oh, but what if other people/institutions use it?”

Thats exactly the point. Hopefully, they will.

Everytime they use it, they’ll be showing off your brand. That, in itself, is already more added value than most marketing campaigns will get you.

And who knows? Maybe you’ll get feedback that’ll allow you to improve your prezis, instantly. You might even get lucky and it’ll go viral. Worst case scenario: nobody uses it or says anything about it… which is what you’ve got if you keep it private, anyway.

So, how can you lose?

Any ideas?