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Process Writing a.k.a. Treasure Hunt

11 Jan

I don’t usually write about specific tech-teaching activities, but in support of the “blog-til-u-drop 2011” effort, I’ll start dishing out some goodies that’ll have your students raving about what a totally wicked, rad-to-the-max, supergeek teacher you are… or something young and hip to that effect.


Computer lab

Students in groups

At least 1 phone per group

How to:

1. Get them to play this game and write down the procedure (steps to finishing the game)

2. Check that they all agree on the process, and discuss the steps involved.

3. Use the process as a template, and ask each group to go out (as far as you’re willing to send them) and choose 10 landmarks (stationary objects).

4. Get each group to write down clues for getting to each of the 10 landmarks.

5. Get each group to sms (text-message) their first clue to another group. Groups then go out in search of the landmark. Once they believe they’ve identified it, they photograph it, or write what it is, and sms the picture, or description, back. If correct, they get the second clue. If incorrect, they need to try again. This goes on until the groups find all 10 landmarks.

6. Back in class, get the groups to write the process they followed to find all 10 landmarks (including the rationale used to interpret the clues).


– Offer a prize (m&m’s will do, but make it a surprise) to the group that finishes first, in order to keep them from wandering aimlessly, killing time.

– Always set time limits for all the steps above. If they don’t have a goal and a timeframe, students will use the tech at hand to facebook, twitter, etc…

– If they whine about the credits they’ll be wasting, get them to download what’s app ($1.99) so they can text for free. If they don’t already have it, they’ll love you for showing it to them 😉

Works for any number of students and usually lasts for about 2 x1.5 hour lessons or more.

Go for it. 🙂