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“So, you think you’re in control… hehehe bless your soul” (Gnarls Barkley – Crazy)

11 Mar

The thing about travelling is that we always feel like we’re forgetting something… and most of the time we’re right.

See, we like to be prepared in order to avoid hassles. We like to feel secure. We want to make sure we have everything we need, as well as a back-up for those unforeseen events… which is a bit of a crazy notion, because how do you prepare for an unforeseen event? How do you plan for something you haven’t planned for?

It’s impossible, of course, but it makes it seem like there’s always something we could’ve remembered to bring.

So, the extent to which we over-inflate our luggage is directly related to the fury of the control freak inside of us. It’s a personal matter, which is precisely why I won’t try to tell you how light you should be travelling.

Given that you’re not perpetually stoned, drunk, or under the influence of any hardcore, legal or  illegal, mind-altering substances, chances are you’ve prepared well enough. You’ve thought everything through, considered everything from the weather to the political stability of your destination(s), and feel you’re ready, set, secure.  But, that’s just an illusion.

Yesterday, I found myself under that illusion at the British Airways check-in counter in Sao Paulo. I was ready to embark on a 4 month trip to Australia, Bali, India, Europe, etc…  and had everything I needed: 5 board shorts, 5 t-shirts, 5 underwear and a jumper, passport, visas, and ticket.

Unfortunately yellow fever shots only last 10 years, and mine had just expired, so they didn’t let me board. Yes,  it was my responsibility to have remembered about the validity of a shot I had taken 10 years ago, but as a human being, I sometimes forget things.  I’m told that as time goes by, it’ll probably just get worse… and that’s not really under my control.

So, now I find myself in Brazil for 10 more days (the time it takes for the new shot to take effect). I could be freaking out over the money and time I’m losing, but from yesterday to now, so many opportunities have presented themselves to me that it’s become very clear that I wasn’t supposed to leave yesterday.

Maybe everything happens for a reason. Maybe I’m just good at finding the good in things. Truth is: it doesn’t really matter.

Learn that you can’t control everything, so you can accept you don’t really control anything.