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25 Nov

Always better to lead by example, I say.

So, this is the plan:

Travel around the world making 3-minute video, English lessons. Each video (plus the corresponding activity/exercises) is set up as a standalone lesson, which can be purchased online for $0.99

These lessons provide real-world footage, accompanied by comprehension activities, for people who would like to study English, and the world.

In order to pull this off, it is necessary to combine:





web knowledge

travel smarts

strong ESL teaching skills

instructional design


Not easy.


Therefore, I have assembled a team composed of the following people:


and a friend.


We leave Sydney in mid-June 2012 and do New Zealand in winter, Indonesia after the schoolies have left, and Japan when the trees are changing colours in November.

Then it’s off to China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, which should take us to roundabout February. Enter India through Nepal and leave before the monsoon season hits, just in time for summer in Europe.

After 3 months, dive into Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, and be in Brazil for Christmas.

This gives us 5 months to do the 10 Brazilian capitals, which will host the World Cup 2014.

The goal is to have 50 standalone, English video lessons by the end of the trip.

We call it Trippin’

And it is ON.